More than a festival, a movement towards an informed society

Voices isn't just another festival. It's a pioneering event to reshape our relationship with information. From tackling journalism's evolution in a rapidly shifting media landscape to empowering citizens with the tools to navigate these changes, we're steering the conversation toward a more informed future.
Imagine two days buzzing with hundreds of participants, 70 speakers, curated sessions, interactive workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Voices is a vibrant gathering of minds. 
The next edition will be in February 2025. 
From Florence, we then embark on a journey across European cities. The next edition will be in Zagreb in 2025. This itinerant celebration isn't just about touring and moving around, but about fostering diverse dialogues, embracing cultural richness, and engaging local communities in each host city.
We want to create a meeting ground for journalists, media professionals, students, and curious people. We celebrate the pivotal roles journalists and informed citizens play in our societies while fostering critical thinking around disinformation.
And why Voices? A voice is an important opinion that someone expresses. Giving voice is also giving space to it, making it exist. In a way, this entails the role journalists play in society, it recalls to participation and representation. We have a plural name because we won’t provide a single view, nor journalism does, because the essence of the festival is bringing different people and audiences together. Last but not least, because this is the result of joint efforts.
Behind this festival stands a varied consortium of European organisations committed to enhance media freedom and media literacy as essential elements for the functioning of our democratic societies.
These are the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (lead partner based at the European University Institute), the European Federation of Journalists, the AISBL EBU-UER, The European Association for Viewers Interests, Journalisme et Citoyenneté, Lie Detectors and Savoir*Devenir. Voices is co-funded by the European Union.

Advisory Board

Voices is steered by leading experts in the fields of journalism, media literacy, media policy, fundamental rights, and media research.

Elda Brogi

Board's Chair | European University Institute

Jerome Bouvier

Journalisme et Citoyenneté

Maja Cappello

European Audiovisual Observatory

Paolo Celot

European Association for Viewers Interests

Divina Frau-Meigs

Savoir Devenir

Wouter Gekiere


Tom Gibson

Committee to Protect Journalists

Ricardo Gutiérrez

European Federation of Journalists

Pier Luigi Parcu

European University Institute

Maria Luisa Stasi

Article 19

Portrait of Nadia Vissers

Nadia Vissers

European Journalism Training Association

Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck

Lie Detectors

Voices is organised by