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Our digital parenting materials will equip you with strategies and tools to ensure children's online safety and guide them toward responsible use of technology.
You can take a risk assessment and a training course that will equip you with rapid responses to mitigate risks and foster a safer environment for you and your colleagues.
You will enjoy learning more about how artificial intelligence shapes media consumption and content curation. Explore the intersection of AI and media independence and find out how technology influences our perceptions.
You likely don't take everything you hear at face value, nor are you content with just one version of the facts. Be better prepared to distinguish truth from misinformation and build a critical mindset with our media literacy content.
The media ethics section is for you. Dive into the impact of media on society or the ethical dilemmas faced in the digital age.
Explore this collection of resources covering key aspects of media literacy and journalism. All these materials are the knowledge outputs of the organising partners behind the festival. You can filter by the topic you are interested in and the format that suits you best.
With new videos, readings, online courses, quizzes and podcasts, and engaging posters each week, this platform offers tools to enrich understanding and help navigate flows of information. 

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