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March 15, 2024 11:30 am

Inclusive interviewing

About the event

In this workshop, participants will take part in an immersive interview exercise within small groups. Structured as a role play, individuals have the opportunity to take on the roles of both interviewers and interviewees. This allows them to gain firsthand experience in posing and responding to personal questions in an inclusive environment. The questions utilized are drawn from the ‘Invisible Cities’ project by the European Journalism Training Association. This project involves Journalism students creating portrayals of ‘invisible people’ within social organisations. The workshop will create awareness of the significance of diversity, delve into journalism training, and explore the decision-making process that journalists encounter.



Nadia Vissers and Tiko Tsomaia | European Journalism Training Association


Workshop duration: 1h

Communication Inclusivity awareness
Organised by
European Journalism Training Association (EJTA)
Sala Peppino Impastato
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