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March 16, 2024 1:15 pm

What does it take to become a journalist? A coffee with EJTA

About the event

What do you need to acquire (knowledge, skills, attitudes) to become a good journalist? Check with the EJTA competencies framework for students of Journalism: the Tartu Declaration. The Tartu Declaration is EJTA’s competencies framework for students of Journalism, stating 10 main competencies, each with 5 qualifications. This detailed analysis of what journalism students should be taught serves as an international standard for Journalism education and accreditation and has been used as a benchmark by other organisations around the world, including UNESCO. It has been created by EJTA experts and is recognised by all EJTA members.

A 45-minutes presentation and Q&A by

Anne Leppäjärvi | EJTA

Sala Ilaria Alpi