Ana Tudela

Ana Tudela is an investigative economic journalist with over 20 years of experience in national media in Spain. Specialising in crafting new narratives, she is recognised as a pioneering figure in her field. Currently, she serves as the co-founder and projects leader at, a platform dedicated to innovative journalism.

Throughout her career, Ana Tudela has been honored with several prestigious awards. She was the winner of the ‘Climate Journalism Award 2023’ from the European Journalism Centre in the Data Category, the Investigative Journalism Spanish Association Award in Data Category 2023, and was also nominated for the Gabriel García Márquez (Gabo) 2023 Award. These accolades were bestowed upon her for her groundbreaking investigation titled “The dark trace in the water of the cheap meat big business” supported by Additionally, she received a special mention at the esteemed Ortega y Gasset Awards 2022, organized by El País, for her investigation titled “Intensive Spain: How CAP and the market changed agriculture and farming.”

Ana Tudela has held prominent roles as an economics and business reporter at El Economista, Público, and El Español, where she contributed significantly to shaping public discourse on economic matters. She has also served as the Content Editor in Chief for the Spanish edition of Forbes. Additionally, Ana Tudela has been a  collaborator at, El País, Jot Down, and La Sexta.

Ana Tudela is also author of Crisis S.A. (Akal, 2014) and Playa Burbuja (Datadista, 2018), on the consequences of the real estate bubble on the Mediterranean peninsular coast.

Outside of journalism, Ana Tudela contributes to the field of education as a collaborating professor in various masters’ programmes specialising in investigative journalism, data analysis, and innovation in Spain.