Portrait of Catarina Reis

Catarina Reis

It all began within the editorial boards of two of Portugal’s major newspapers, Público and Diário de Notícias. At the age of 23, Caterina investigated and reported on an old neighbourhood (once known as Lisbon’s largest open-air drug market) earning her first Human Rights & Integration UNESCO Award.

In 2021, she played a pivotal role in founding Mensagem de Lisboa, a local, digital, community-oriented newspaper focused on solutions journalism. Initially, as a reporter covering written reports and podcasts -one of her investigations was nominated among the world’s best at the True Story Award- and now, she keeps on being actively engaged as an editor.

She believes journalism should create an impact, and this belief is evident in her work at Mensagem de Lisboa: a newspaper that operates in news deserts with the community, turning a homeless person’s experience into a chronicle with significant social repercussions. Additionally, it collaborates with the international artist Vhils to create a mural long overdue in the city, that pays tribute to the refugees of World War II who passed through Lisbon.