Portrait of Cecilia Fasciani

Cecilia Fasciani

Cecilia Fasciani is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker, she works in the world of independent cinema and multimedia reportage. Cecilia‚Äôs research mainly focuses on gender issues, human rights and environmental conflicts, with a particular emphasis on inland and marginalised areas. Her feature stories and investigations have been published by Internazionale, RSI, AlJazeera English, FQ MillenniuM, Irpi Media, Altreconomia. She is the winner of the Meglio di un romanzo pitch at FestivaLetteratura (2022), and she was a finalist for the Roberto Morrione Prize for Investigative Journalism (2022). Since 2021 she has been collaborating with the independent production company SMK Factory. Depending on the projects she works as director, scriptwriter and camera operator, and the films she has participated in have been selected for numerous national and international festivals and awards. She is the author of the documentaries I’m still here and My body, my choice (SMK Factory, 2022), The longest walk, I promise, all distributed by the independent distribution company OpenDDB.