Portair of Jyri Kivimäki

Jyri Kivimäki

As the Editorial AI Solutions and Innovation Coach at Yle (Finland’s largest media company) Jyri Kivimäki has dedicated almost a decade to pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence within journalism.

Working within the Yle News Lab, part of the News and Current Affairs development unit, Jyri ensures that technological advancements are not just kept pace with but are harnessed to drive forward-thinking journalism. In his role, he has been instrumental in ensuring that no team member is left behind in the rapidly accelerating tech landscape, fostering an environment of continuous learning and adaptation.

In his keynote speech at Voices, Jyri will share insights into how Yle has successfully navigated the AI revolution. Attendees can expect a compelling narrative that not only highlights Yle’s journey through the AI boom, but also offers practical strategies for implementing AI solutions in editorial work.