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March 15, 2024 11:30 am

Empowering parents in the digital age

About the event

While the digital world offers many possibilities for children to learn, create, and express themselves in many new ways, in our experience parents seemed to be more aware of the dangers rather than the benefits of technology. They may feel anxious, inadequate, and powerless. They appear more confused and disoriented in their daily efforts on how they could better learn to support their children’s digital life and are not sure where to seek expert guidance and advice. Is it safe? Is it suitable for my child? What should I do?

In this panel, we will reflect on what we found truly relevant to support parents in understanding how they could care for their children and how to use technology in a safe, responsible, and fun way.



Piermarco Aroldi | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano

Mussi Bollini | RAI Kids, Osservatorio Nazionale per l’Infanzia

Elizabeth Milodivov | Digital Parenting Coach


Moderated by: Paolo Celot, EAVI

Sala Oriana Fallaci