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March 15, 2024 4:15 pm

Shaping narratives: religion, radicalisation and media. Based on the Min Ana documentary

About the event

This panel will discuss the critical importance of responsible reporting on themes such as religion and radicalisation following the screening of the ‘Min Ana’ documentary. Polarised media narratives on these topics have multiple social effects that often exacerbate Islamophobia and the perception of religious minorities, considered as a threat to social stability.

Our panellists will address key questions such as: How do media narratives on such themes impact attitudes towards religious minorities in Europe and the MENA region? What ethical considerations should journalists and media outlets uphold when reporting on topics like radicalisation and religious minorities? How can journalists effectively balance the need for compelling storytelling with accuracy and sensitivity towards such communities? The main character of the Min Ana documentary, Mohammed Rafiqui, will talk about his experience as activist and former Salafi preacher.


Olivier Roy | European University Institute

Mohammed Rafiqui | Ministry of Justice of Morocco and former Salafi preacher

Özüm Celik | Alevi community representative

Moderated by: Donato di Bartolomeo | European University Institute


Sala Ilaria Alpi