Portrait of Marc Marginedas

Marc Marginedas

Marc Marginedas is a senior reporter at the International desk of El Periódico, the flagship publication of Prensa Ibérica, one of the largest media groups in Spain. His career began in 1995 as the North Africa correspondent based in Rabat and Algiers. For three years, he covered the bloody civil war in Algeria. In 1998, he assumed the role of Moscow correspondent, reporting on the Second Chechen War and Vladimir Putin’s rise to power.
In 2002, Marginedas became this publication’s special correspondent for conflict zones. This period, which lasted until 2014, saw him covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Libya, and the subsequent conflict in Syria. In 2013, he was kidnapped by the Islamic State and endured captivity for six months. Upon his release, he returned to Russia.
Mr. Marginedas studied Communication Sciences at the University of Navarra and got a postgraduate diploma in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. He is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, and Russian, and can engage in conversations in Arabic.