Sigfrido Ranucci

He joined RAI in 1990 and was first a correspondent for the Tg3 columns, then for RaiNews24, where he carried out numerous investigations into illegal waste trafficking and the mafia. He found the last interview with Judge Paolo Borsellino, in September 2001 he was sent to New York to cover the attack on the Towers, then in 2004 to Sumatra for the Tsunami.

He was also a correspondent in the context of the wars in the Balkans and the Middle East, where he carried out investigations on the violation of human rights and the use of unconventional weapons. In 2005, he was the first to expose the use of white phosphorus in Iraq by the USA. Later in 2006, he joined the Report team as co-author with Milena Gabanelli. Since December 2016, he has been the author and host of the TV show.