Eefje Blankevoort

Eefje Blankevoort (1978) studied History and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Since then, she has evolved into a versatile journalist, writing articles and books, creating interactive projects, organizing exhibitions, and producing documentary films. She is a co-founder of the journalistic production agency Prospektor, which operates across various media formats, including audio and film documentaries, interactive projects, exhibitions, and books, consistently achieving significant impact. Prospektor operates at the intersection of art and journalism, bridging historical narratives with contemporary issues, and connecting global themes with Dutch perspectives.

All of Prospektor’s projects are grounded in rigorous journalistic research, with recurring focuses on migration and (post) conflict situations. Eefje is one of the directors of the critically acclaimed transmedia project Shadow Game, which delves into the experiences of unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in Europe. At Voices, the follow-up documentary, ‘The Mind Game’, will be showcased.