Portrait of Nathalie Labourdette

Nathalie Labourdette

Nathalie Labourdette is the founder and former Director (1999-2023) of the EBU Academy brand, where she developed a professional-to-professional model aimed at upskilling broadcast professionals. Under her leadership, EBU Academy established itself as a benchmark for excellence, emerging as a leader in media training.

She now serves as a Board member of Creative Skills Europe, a platform established in 2019 for European audiovisual and live performance sectors to facilitate training access for all types of workers at various stages of their careers.

Media literacy is part of her expertise. Indeed, she developed programmes and recommendation on this issue during her time as EBU representative to the European Commission Committee on Media Literacy (2006-2011).

Prior to her role at EBU, Nathalie spent several years in Brussels at the European Commission as an administrator in the Audiovisual Policy unit. Before that, she was an active producer of documentaries and works of fiction, transitioned into film distribution, and produced programmess for Radio Sweden.